The Simple Things of El DeBarge ( My Tributes to A Genuis)

El DeBarge

El DeBarge album Second Chance released 11.30.2010

The Simple Things of El DeBarge

Part One

It’s just a simple thing

The meaning of a song you sing

That brings to us joy and inspiration

Rescuing us from darkness

Often times desperation

In our mind deep in our soul

Your music ministers to our woes.

Music is your gift

Your extraordinary talent

Yet your voice gives us courage

Your songs make us valiant.

Little did you know

How much we really care

In our hearts to us El

You’ve always been right there.

Now it’s our turn, privilege, our honor to

Carry you El in the storm and thunder.

You mean more than the big words

We can ever pronounce or say

Not even enough notes on

Your piano keys to play

How you make us feel

How you make us know

Your love is real not just a show.

By Cheryl D Faison

The Simple things of El DeBarge

Part 2

Thank You Dear El

For all the music

Each and every song

Of the your beautiful voice

Filling our home

Each lyric that you write

Each note that you play

Touching so many

in a positive way.

To some you are a genius

To others just brilliant

All of us can tell

Your heart is truly in it.

El you’re very special

You brighten our path

Your music makes us love

Sometimes even laugh.

You are our miracle

You are our friend

We will always be

Here for you on this

You can depend.

So when you grow weary

Or so very tired

Think of our love

You will be inspired.

It’s just a simple thing

A note you might play

But remember it’s just

The simple things

that brighten each day.

By Cheryl D Faison



One Response to “The Simple Things of El DeBarge ( My Tributes to A Genuis)”

  1. Ok, this was an outstanding tribute, to one of my favorite artist. the true measure of an artist is how long he has been successful and El is among the best. You must show me how you create a blog, i’m kind of computer illiterate and this is beautiful

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