The Other American

I make no apologies

As you can plainly see

I am Black, non-white

Yes, it is quiet alright

I am still an American

Although I be the kin

Of every African

And most Indian

I make no apologies

I don’t owe you a thing

See we don’t get a dime

For all our lost time

You committed your crime

Of enslaving our Ancestors

Although conditions seem better

You people still treat me

With such vial brutality

But into the melting pot I blend

My heart, my mind, my soul

Even go to fight your wars

Wars unfair, unnecessary, unjust

But your bigotry is a must for

You to embed in every land and sea

Yet you make no apologies

Neither will I apologize

Because I’m here now

I’m not going to allow

Your hate to run me away

Like you did with your sheets

When you went to kill me

It is now my daily grind

Constantly to perfect in my mind

Eventually your grudge will kill you

No need to do you evil deeds back

Although I might agree it seems that

Revenge would be justifiably right

To set the record straight

Still I choose love over hate

Yes, I will always commemorate

The day Nine-Eleven when

You first saw me, The Other American.


© Cheryl D. Faison





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