Passion’s Taken

His hands slide down the back of her dress

He tugs at the zipper soon she’s undressed

Her fingers glide across the small of his back

Moving quickly frontwards of his slacks

Her dress has fallen, she begins to melt

Hurriedly she unbuckles his belt

Delicate kisses from forehead to neck

She’s climaxing already, they haven’t begun yet

Wildly stroking with fingers and hands

Secretly she’s thinking “oh what a man”

His hands clutch her breast exciting each nipple

She’s rushing inside like an oceans ripple

He gingerly strokes her hair from her face

He looks lovingly into her eyes

Suddenly she feels weakness in her thighs

He holds her tighter pulling her close

Eagerly their bodies make pleasurable strokes

Tonight there is no more chasin’

Finally Passion has been taken by deep liquid kisses

Fulfilling lustful wishes with each freeing stroke

Passion hits the highest love notes

Holding on so tight making love all night

Forgetting about all trouble or worry

Tonight Passion’s no longer in a hurry.


Le Sublime Poétesse

© Cheryl D Faison


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