Goodbye Mistah

Goodbye Mistah…. (part 1)


Sleeping in a foul bed of infidelity

Making love to a man who doesn’t love me

Wondering where he is against my body

Is he thinking of her, her, or she

Once I was the woman of his fancy

Now I’m not his woman

I’m just his whore

Hating myself for lacking

Courage to walk out the door

Being told lies day after day

Seven whole years

You did nothing but play with

My health and my heart

Creating so much pain

Now you wonder why I distrust you

And our relationship is in strain

You have no idea how much of

Me you have hurt and destroyed

Constantly now I’m worried about

You with her, I’ve grown quite paranoid

You allowed he to disrespect me

Call, even come to our house

You both played a sneaky

Game of cat and mouse

You took my trust in you for

A sign I didn’t care

I never thought you’d cheat on me

Never thought you’d dare

I wouldn’t, I couldn’t do it to you

I wouldn’t want to make our sunny skies blue

You say I wasn’t available

You say not enough sex but

Baby I offer myself now…

You could care less

Just the same as it’s always been

I want to make love with pleasure and passion

You just rush through for your satisfaction

Now you angry with her and you see

For you she doesn’t care

Now you want me to forgive as always

Because I’ve always been there for you

No matter what….through the good or bad times, in me

You always find solace and loyalty defined




Mistah ( part 2)


I stand by you, behind you…Hell, I hold you up but

In the end it was me you want to f**k over

Treat me like a door mat, lower than cow dung

Come running back when

She’s done you wrong

You got me back by

Using our son

You have set a trap and

Isolated me in your place

You call home

If only you knew my body is

Here but baby I’m long gone

I promised my son and to you

Seven more years but getting

Hard as hell holding back

All these tears I don’t understand

What I did to deserve this

Every time I leave you

Beg me back it’s just remiss

If you hate me so and

I don’t meet your needs

I just wish you’d leave me alone


NO…PLEASE! don’t touch me don’t

Ask me who is on my phone

Remember you are the one to

Destroy our once happy home

All I can do now is

Try to deal and cope

I even let you climb on me

To get your loveless stroke

I feel sick to my tummy

My head wants to explode

Each time you moan

I think of the lies you told

I wonder how you can do it

Without a day of remorse

I guess since 20 years we’re

Never married you’re not

Worried about divorce

I guess it is really me that

Should feel remorse and shame



Mistah (part 3)


I’m still here yet knowing

For you it’s all a game

Yeah, I know she wasn’t

Your only other lover

I found the explicit pictures of

You and two others

I am so sick and disgusted inside

I’ve even contemplated taking our lives

I have had to lean on God and

My friends so much more

Still they don’t get why

I won’t settle the score

It would be much better if

I would just pack up and go

But you brainwashed our son so

I carry on this show

I pray as he grows older, more mature

He will appreciate the heartache for

Him I endure

I know that you love him

But not as much as me

I would never put

You or he in harms ways

With psychotic men, boys or lovers

I try to respect our relationship

Act like a mother

My eyes aren’t closed, sure

My flesh can grow weak

But I pray to God for such lust to flee

In a world filled with jealousy

HIV/AID’s I find it

Hard to let my body stray

Not to mention for me our love was a pleasure

Most of all I wanted to preserve

Me for you I was once your treasure…


….Goodbye Mistah



Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

© 2011



One Response to “Goodbye Mistah”

  1. deep. feelin this, Cheryl

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