Dear Michael ( 2011 Birthday Tribute )

Dear Michael,


Your song transcends the depth of the universe

Your heart illuminates the heavens so boldly


Your charm cast a spell of generosity

A love un-parallel, an unmatched legacy


Michael your story for generations we will tell of

Your voice, dance, your divine elation as you shared

Your gifts with the world without hesitation


No greater love have I known or admire

For only your eloquence fulfills a desire.

Michael, I love you, for that I’m not ashamed.

I pledge daily to honor your legacy, defend your name


Michael, when you died a bit of me wanted to go

But your spirit whispered gently telling me NO!

And admonishing me to continue on, to never cease

Spreading your messages of love, freedom and peace


Still I cannot speak words enough or show you in deeds

What or how much you truly mean to me Dear Michael!


And every night still you sing to me sleep

Soothing like no other, a love I feel so deep

Intensely I listen, feeling sadness that you’re gone


I fight back my tears; I envision your sweet smile

I know you’re my Angel guarding me all the while.


I whisper…”Good night Dear Michael,” it seems

I can’t say goodbye because you’re in my heart

Forever Michael…I will never let you die.


Cheryl D Faison

Sublime Poetess

© 2011

Michael Jackson, MJ, Michael Joseph Jackson, The King of Pop
The King of Pop

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