Carnal Desires

Gently stroking between my thighs

Pretending it’s you as I close my eyes

Imagining your touch each gentle caress

Reminiscing how eagerly you help me undress

Carefully arching my back to adjust my hips

Feeling electrified thinking of your fingertips

Each sensuous stroke my passionate bliss

My body’s so yearning for your sumptuous kiss

Fantasizing wildly of your sweet kisses down there

Passionately running your fingers through my hair

My temperature is rising, my hands still explore

The yearning is intensifying for you more and more

Hastily becoming so moist with juices oh so wet

I am preparing myself for you to come and get

Flowing swiftly is the love inside my chamber walls

Lusting for you dear lover of course you may have it all

So hurry up please do, no longer will my own stokes do

All the wonderful things you can and magically will to

Satisfy my carnal desires that only your love can fulfill.

Cheryl D Faison

© 2011


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