I was once a sleeping giant.

You stole my people from

The Mother Land by boat by force

You took our fathers shackled them.

You took our mothers raped them.

You took our children enslaved them.

I was once a sleeping giant.

Your arrogance, injustice, your misguided delusions

Intruded upon our land, our people, our culture.

Devoured our souls, spirits, traditions, our language.

You transported us here to a land not yours.

You had taken it from them.

You took their villages, wares, furs, even their buffalo.

You stole from that sleeping giant the same as you did our Mother Land.

Here now you sit stoic, arrogant once again with your hateful comments

The pen is now your sword.

Your mouth is now a web.

Your God is called fox.

You seek to destroy, divide, deter, detain.

You are beyond evil.

So many have learned your wicked ways

They have become your vessel.

I was once a sleeping giant.

My people built your plantations, palaces, havens and refuge.

You tore down our hearts, our will, our lust for life, our courage.

I was once a sleeping giant.

No more do I sleep, nor do they sleep.

The Dark Man, The Red Man, Any Man

of substance, of justice, of equality, of compassion, of humanity.

You have awakened the sleeping giant with your arrogance and hatred.

No longer does the giant sleep.

Let this be known to you

The giant is one voice but of many appendages

Each member stronger, volatile and just

We will all arise against you.

Bigotry you are evil, hateful, discontent, inferior, bitter, unequal, demonizing.

You abducted the sleeping giant from the Mother Land.

Now here sleeps the giant in The Natives’ Land.

The giant has gained strength and stamina.

We are great in numbers and no longer sleeping.

Go Away Bigotry!

You’ve done the only good you could do.

Your arrogance awoke the sleeping giant.

Now the Giant will triumph with equality and justice.


Cheryl D Faison

© 2011



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