If I Tell…

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If I tell you anything
I can only say…
You are my everything…
You are my next heart beat
my last breath…heaven knows
to take me to your grave…
if you precede me in death…


Living without you…
is no longer an option

If I tell you anything
I can only say you are…
why birds sing
why the sun shines

you are my lifetime
of memories…of…


If I tell you anything
I must say you are
my dream…
in the flesh
a miraculous manifest…
fitting my body like Sunday’s best

If I tell you anything
I must say how…
your fingertips arouse
the rose within me like
the dew rains so gently
on a beautiful spring dawn
as my petals begin to spawn…

If I tell you anything
I will say how the kiss
from your lips restores
my faith in the divine
by turning watered down
passion into healing wine
I quench my loneliness from
your goblet of acceptance
…it is my recompense

If I tell you anything
I will say…
the light of the moon
is the reflection of your smile

I will say…
celestial stars have not
impressed me in a while…
not since the milky way
acknowledged your effervescence
as both light and day
which brightens the way
of the path stars once lit
to the edge of the universe
but it is now for you whom
the constellations search…

If I tell you anything
I will say how you make
my Decembers feel like Junes
filling my emotional playlist
with romantic songs from Itunes…

If I tell you anything
I will say you are my Apothecary
who has provided the remedy…
my emotions no longer feel scary
your formula helped to cure the illness
by the healing of forgiveness

If I tell you anything
I will allow myself to feel

….for you…

I can totally reveal all
of whom I am or aspire to be
because you mean more
to me than I could ever ask or
imagine or perhaps pray for…
being with you has given me
the chance to trust once more…

So…if I tell you anything
I promise to be honest and true…
I will say you are my everything…
and yes…I love you…I do.

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison
© 2012


Tell me …

Tell me anything
sweet lullabies when doves cry
or hot seductive tales
of fantasies to unveil

Tell me anything

Sweet little lies
untrusted alibies
words to make my eyes tear
feelings to make my heart cheer

Tell me
what you like

The way I make you shiver
moan and quiver
sending messages down your spine
Touching and savoring
exploring and pampering
all that is mine

Tell that you like it

The way my hands move to your tune
making your Decembers feel like June
Raising your chemistry
Becoming the alchemist
of your deepest fetishes
The tempter of your sins
and the cause of your coy grin

Tell me what’s on your mind

Or… have me search and find myself
deep within your thought
The sentiment my love bought
and the change for the better
you got in return
as we both learn
the ways of each other

Tell me how you feel

I know you feel as I do !

Though deep
heartfelt and true
you color my grey skies blue
Painting rainbows for me to view
Coloring my soul
with colors of crescendo

Tell me what you see

As I stand before you exposed
ups and downs
my highs and lows
Revealing to each other
only things God knows

I ask
one more thing of you

tell me
You love me.

by : The Sensual Angel
Santos Taíno Santiago



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Sexing me, vexing me…

I can’t wait ‘til you undressing me

gyrating, vibrating plundering

my treasure with your measure

my back takes heed as you aim to please

sipping from my sweet mead

One of a kind, rum like wine

my sexy merlot you drink below

I quake like earth yearning for

your girth in my vessel of birth

dim all the lights we going at it

all night

like animals in heat I want to suck, lick,

and taste you on repeat…beast in the sheet

going at  it hard and fast, nice and slow

reaching a sexual sonic boom flow

I wanna to be nice in a nasty way

putting all our inhibitions at bay

we get it on in the midnight hour

unleashing the sensual power of foreplay

all day and night doing it left then right

we don’t need any oversight

just skin to skin, cheek to cheek

eye rolling, toe curling, lip biting

in the sheets…set me free

Ay papi…teach me a new dialect

as you give it to me correct

blending the caramel with coco

creating our own triple x show

I’ll be your baby tonight,

in the future…even the past

you make me wanna go back…

to days gone by in the night

as our bodies take flight

Baby! caress me touch me there…

kiss me and let me stare…

hair pulling, back scratching,

orgasms like thunder clapping

Oh! Damn let me swallow you

every inch is like sexual voodoo

I taste the seed you plant for me

as you let me hydrate it orally

bigger and bigger the root of it grows

got me kneeling on my knees and toes

I bow to worship your rod and staff

it should be a sin you’re blessed like that

Back breaking, bed rockin’

tonight the boots shall be knockin’

screaming so loud we go silent

‘cause the sexing here is borderline violent

beat it up, whip it in baby

oh yeah baby…

we gonna be freakin!

creamy ejaculations being

kissed by feminine lip salutations

climaxing clitoral stimulations

bathed in masculine oral libations…

the smile on your eyebrows

says it taste so very good

so cum now baby stack the wood

get inside me deep with your swell

baby…oh baby you love so well

I love the way you

sexing me, vexing me…

what you do when

you undressing me…

Cum with me and

I shall cum with you…

Our lovemaking is

…sexual voodoo.

Diva Nymph

aka Sublime Poetess

© 2012


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His Latin was like satin as he whispered in my lobes

The lustful longings of his desires that abode inside me

Like pollen in the sting of the honeybee…sweetly pumping

Nectar of necessity to pleasure my pelvic proclivity


To be near him, to revere him in tranquility more

and more seductively while he perused  me poetically

As I used him aesthetically…angelically for my eye candy

His confection was perfection of a collection of skills

And thrills a woman dreams of when she wants to make love


He released the she-beast in me, so I aimed to please him intellectually,

Erotically educated sexual instruction; percolating emotional combustion

Perplexing and vexing my thoughts within during my induction in

His private fraternity of lost never found panties…


Willingly I submitted to his haze which only amazed; no need to hurt or harm while

He proceeded to cum and cum closer to me in midst of my feminine walls

His profession wrote new laws of attraction, the out cum always satisfaction


We re-verb’d nation after nation as our contemplation created

a new house of Greek underneath the bed sheets…


I tell you he was the best of the Latin Lovers…

He put Zorro to shame as he explored my Spain


He is the Columbus of orgasmic spices because he has the device

Which entices more than inertia, more than a leap of faith or folly…

Re-Verses the whiz of gee by golly…he plays the words of the player

Like a team of NBA All Stars…he shot me to the moon and back…


Oh yeah! He’s got lovin’ like that…his lovemaking created a new universe

He gave me heaven on earth…I can truly say I was touched by an Angel …

So divine and Sensual, Tantalizing my mind, spirit and body


I had to write this scribe to tell somebody about…The Lover

Whose Latin was like satin in my ear…our moments of conversation I hold so dear


His language I will always keep inside…like his tongue whispers on my lips

and thighs…like the last drop of fragrance of his cologne…

His words, his words and his love Linger on and on.


© 2012

Sublime Poetess


* inspired by Taíno the Sensual Angel


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I am the horizon where sits the sun
on my way back from Venus
I kissed the sky and the stars populated
I kissed your manhood and the moon exploded
Your heart popped out , gingerly I tucked
it inside the warmth of my bosom
I let you suck your love from the nipples of my luscious breast
giving you the stamina to climb on for the ride
You entered my passion with a large and stiffened rod
it bent like gold when it reached the nuclear spot
You melted inside me, I welcomed your hydration
Our bodies merged to become a new aged transportation
You took me to the moon I wrapped us up in the milky way,
blanketed in passion we created the eighth day
Our love transcended the infinity of time
Together we created a new universe
called Love in our poetry sublime~
Sublime Poetess
(C) Copyright 2012

I Am Every Woman

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I am every woman who has scaled the mountain top

fighting back every avalanche which

makes attempts to bury my strength.

I am every woman whose heartbeat is as rapid as

the hummingbirds wing nonstop to the song of life.

I am every woman that raises her voice of truth

never to be silenced by the illusion of fear.

I am every woman who sings in spite of the perils of pain

to bring joy to those greater in my heart than I.

I am every woman who has cradled

a broken heart in a delicate palm

protecting it vigilantly while it heals.

I am every woman who has drenched lucidly

in a passionate bliss of sensuality

as my affections pour gently as dew.

I am every woman who in the night

has been crowned Queen of your soul

reigning in your spirit, lingering my fragrance of orchid.

I am every woman who has been generated

by the passage of time with infinite, fearless grace.

I am every woman inside you never waiting

to exhale the beautiful gift of femininity.

The Creator perpetually breathes

into me the magnificence to birth life.

I am every woman , merely the essence of love

Illuminating the universe with the beauty of She.



Sublime Poetess

Cheryl D. Faison

© 2012


( inspired by Whitney’s tribute to Chaka & the beauty of The Sisterhood of She)

The Voice for Nippy

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by Cheryl SublimePoetess Faisonon Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 12:08pm ·

For ‘The Voice’ tears will fall and flow for a day but in the end God has His way. He has given you peace on this long, hard journey. Now you sing for Him in The Choir Eternity. Making beautiful music in heaven among the Angels such as you are. Judgment and sadness you’ve left afar. Eventhough our hearts still ache, we know you’re smiling down on us with elegant grace. Now all that we must say and do is pray your daughter, Bobbi Kristina will manage without you. Many in the world see us only as crazed fans but like true friends we’re lifting your family in prayers, outstretching our helping hands. Believing God that in His infinite wisdom of mind, one day we shall all be reunited with you in heaven, hearing you sing one more time. Forever you will dwell among us here on the earth because since you are gone all now hear the value of your melodic worth. I am sorry that no one seemed to reach out to say how much you meant to us while you had breath but rest assured Whitney, your legacy has not surrendered to death. Many of us will forever carry your unconditional gift of love in our hearts, it’s our only choice because for us Whitney, You Will Always be ‘The Voice’.

~Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison~

(copyright 2012)


*p.s. Whitney…please give out hugs in heaven to all for me, and especially give Michael a kiss just for me too. We LuvUmore Nippy

Honey Love

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Honey Love

by Pisces Palace on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 12:10am ·

Honey Love

I am a woman…

Needing to be nurtured

My body is like a vast garden

Shower me with your nutritious hydrations in

My vast land of budding blossoms

Longing for the gentle sting of the sweet bee

Pollinate my flesh

Make my honey sweet

Harvest the nectar

Each blossom comes to bloom

As your lips and tongue caress

The milky sweetness of my mounds

I allow you to prune me with

The shears of your hands

Plowing away in my valleys

Climbing up and down your peaks

Irrigating tongues and lungs as

Rivers of hot liquid flood anatomical dams

Flowing freely like sparkling streams

Currents sweep my thirsty garden

Your seed is spread deeply

And repeatedly in passions of pleasure

Blooming is my brilliant rose

Ripe for the plucking

Deflowering me

Devouring me

Caretaking of the garden

Stroking your stem

Pleasuring my petals…

…Until midnight falls in the vast garden of

My blossoms of honey love.

Erotic honey

© 2012

Diva Nymph

The Cloth and The Cross ( tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. )

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A man of the cloth followed the man on the cross.

The man of the cloth obeyed the man of the cross

Who admonished

“Take up Thy Cross and follow me.”

The man of the cross, in his heart he believed.

Gloriously one day the man of the cloth declared

“I have a dream.”

The man on the cross whispered to him

“in freedom Martin you must always believe.”

The man of the cloth shared the eloquent speech.

The Dream revealed a proclamation of

Freedom, equality, and the justice we

each earnestly today still seek.

His dream changed a nation, inspired the earth.

He was called King, his name blessed by birth.

He was A Man of The Cloth who followed

The Man on The Cross

Humbly obedient in spirit as he carried his

burden cross. Ending his journey with

his dream filled speech he lay down

his Cross at The King of Kings Feet.

Cheryl D Faison

© 2011

So Far Away

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So far away yet feeling closer everyday
I feel the tugging at my heart strings
I feel your yearnings and heart pangs
It seems the fates already know that
Our passions are ready to flow
Closing our eyes to live the fantasy
Secret longings to be close to thee
A friendship and understanding has grown
No longer can we avoid the emotional tone
Spending hours staring at each other’s photograph
Knowing full well we are on a path
Uniting our souls in a passionate wrath

We are like two lovebirds of a feather
It shall be beautiful when we come together
We have so much more in common
Understanding that’s why we feel the longing
You accept me; beauty, brilliance, and my flaws
I accept your charm, talent, strengths, and all
We’ve gotten much closer to sharing
Many more days than our date of birth
We respect each other’s precious worth
Destiny shall ultimately find the way
For us to unite our hearts so far away

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

We Be Queens

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We Be Queens, my sisters and me
We talk about life, love, even poetry
We treat each other with love and respect
Forging those friendships we won’t regret
No time for petty jealousy or silly drama
We have each other’s back like a second Mama
None of has it that easy or fun every day
But always other Queen’s to carry us along the way
Reminding each other about God’s goodness and grace
Admonishing each other in this sacred, blessed place
We share advice on money, men, and life
Some even tell stories about our ex’s new wife
We share about our children, families and dreams
We do it all with compassion like true Queens
Together we stand, we shall not be misguided
We have strength in our beauty, always united
Preserving our stories and wisdom in historical ink
We speak of legacies that will make generations think
One day when we are long gone, our ashes to the sea
Some shall inquire, asking “Who was SHE?”
And from our thrones high in The Universe
Our spiritual voices shall profoundly outburst
“We Be Queens, that’s Who We Be,
Queens Always, my Sisters and Me.”

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

Spirit to Spirit Testimony (collaboration with Wingman Gerald Green & Sublime Poetess)

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Sublime Poetess~

My Spiritual Brother you always
Lift me up with your testimony
No matter how much gloom I may feel
Your words remind me God is real
Bleeding your ink to give Him Praise
Always flow ink blessed to amaze
Just like me you walk the spiritual walk
We both know it’s more to it than to talk the talk
Some folk believe that His promises are always a given
But you only receive His blessings if for Him you’re living
Many folk try to deny His Holy Name
Self creation is what they proclaim
Still NO man on earth can compete
His glory is such mortals cannot repeat
In the Bosom of our Lord we’re held in high esteem
He will love us despite any shortcoming
Unlike a sinner man or woman on earth
God values us each for our inner worth
He is the only one who IS our judge and jury
All human words are nothing more than sound and fury
No matter what people will gossip and say
I know God’s mercy sustains us day after day
His undying love anoints us to point the way
He blesses our ink to bleed this way
To Bleed the Blood as Jesus did upon the cross
My Spiritual Brother and I must shepherd the lost
In our deeds and actions we must live a servant spirit
Now my Spiritual Brother inspire us with your lyric…

Wingman ~

My Spiritual Sister I hear you loud and clear
People passing judgment, not knowing Judgment Day is near
Even dark-soul clergy are walking around in fear.
But my Spiritual Sister we rejoice knowing God holds us dear
He helps us to move along our way
If we take the time to kneel and pray
Doesn’t mean I won’t stress today
Means it takes a little longer
To break because prayer makes me stronger
So as my pen takes it’s drink
Into this well of my spiritual ink
Gave heart time to think
About the penned release
Of the words that would describe the inner peace
That God gives with a Love that He will never cease
Sacrificed His only Son to redeem me and defeat the Beast
Now I am truly one of the saved
On this road of destiny my redemption is paved
On my soul God’s Love is engraved
My Spiritual Sister I love you with Jesus example of Agape
So you know that my love for your will exist through all eternity…

Sublime Poetess~

My Spiritual Brother and I have
Testified through our blessed ink
We pray you all will rethink
We hope you will partake in The Agape Love
It is free to you as a home in Heaven above
It is the knowledge of The Word
That will sustain you here on this place
Until you are welcomed into Heaven’s grace
Learn to live together to Love as One
We pray here on earth His Will shall be done…


With Agape love there is no equal
Christ’s second arrival will be the only sequel
So if you seek the “forgiveness of sin” exemption
Then take control
Of your Holy Soul
And stay on the road of redemption
Every since I let Jesus into my spiritual place
I have been blessed by God’s amazing grace
Spiritual Sister sometimes I think I actually see His face
When my burdens His love seeks to erase
His love was sacrificed for our sin
I know it’s true after all the trouble I been in
He still held out His hand and let me win
I’m so bless to have you and Jesus as my friend…

Sublime Poetess~

Spiritual Brother I so understand
How great it is to hold His unchanging hand
King David told us he never saw The Righteous forsaken
This is when I decided I was partaken
I feel to my knees called out His Holy Name
Nothing in my life has ever been the same
I have weathered all the storms life has sent my way
I don’t worry any more, for sins we do not pay
We have been washed in The Blood
Redeemed by Christ Jesus Love
And one day when these old bones
Have been called away back home
We shall take our seat to His Right Hand
We shall dwell eternal in that land
Where we all should strive to be
Freed by Him up on Calvary
The Lamb will read from The Book of Life
Jesus will nod that it’s all right
Then we shall bow before Our God,
Christ Jesus His Only begotten Son
Our Heavenly Father will say to each us
“Well done, well done
Thy good and faithful servant
Well done.”



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Reminiscing on the divine day
You asked me to become your Queen
You speak nothing fancy mere words of
Love without the engagement ring
But how those words sounded to my ear
Enchanting as the sweetest symphony
You uttering gently the incredible words
Will you marry me?

For once in my lifetime
My lips cannot make a sound
I stand there simply dazed
Looking a bit dumbfound
You know despite my silent voice
Yes! I will marry you is
My hearts only choice
Eventually the reality of
The moment captivates my mind
Manifesting naturally into
Enduring love so sublime
Inseparable hearts together
Beating sweeter and sweeter
Loving you only gets better
As I reminisce on the day
You asked me to be your wife
I am forever thankful to God
You are the best part of my life.

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

Twenty Eleven

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Twenty Eleven…
Tough year for so many across the planet
In our strife and disappointment
We all take so much for granite
We lose a home, car, job or our prestige
Some of us value those things
So much so we lose our sanity
It’s true we do need a great deal to
Live and survive
However consider the blessing of
Still being alive
The dawning of each new day
Means we have an opportunity to
Humbly continue on our way
We may no longer have the job of our dreams
Still don’t give up hope…
You will find something
The home you live in now might not be
The extravagant mansion you lived in last
Starting over often corrects mistakes of our past
A fancy foreign car you may no longer sport
However the affordable domestic one
Kept you out of debtors or bankruptcy court
The big time job with the fancy office
And the inflated executive title
Once replaced your love for God
You worshipped self as a godly idol
The list of material losses and mishaps can go on forever
But today why not choose to live your life much better
Today decide to be Thankful
For each and every breath
Realize your blessings
You’ve overcome all else
Focus on living with hope
You’ve been given life over death.

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse


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Sweet is the nectar
that flows from me
Like a reservoir broken
as you set me free
In the way you touch me
with a stunning caress
making me lose myself
even my breath
Our bodies entwining
Our loving unfolds
Giving of ourselves


© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

art by Shelly Smith via Open Art Facebook Page



Calliope made Whole

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He says he wants to taste my Poetry

savor my verbs and similes…he

wants to measure them congruently

like a scholar in math class on Tuesday

He says he wants to read my palm

says he wants to play my song

raise the vibration of my mind

He wants to be the Atomic clock

where I never run out of time

He says he wants to call me…reveal

all of the answers to my mystery

he’s a Hardy Boy in my Nancy Drew saga

he says all roads lead to his Roman Scholar

He says he has a PH.D that will indoctrinate

those unlearned places of me…romantically

teaching me the finer things in life…

he says I’m more virtuous than a Biblical Wife

He vows to worship me as his Holy Scripture

and promises a Renaissance of my literature

in the torn pages of my mental Kama Sutra

he will revive me like the lovers of Neruda

I listen intently to his every plea, curiously

his melodic Verses and Flow do arouse me

his proposition seems an Indecent Proposal

yet cleverness is at his beck and disposal

Therefore I, Calliope of modern Poetry

thought it not strange or Blasphemy

whenever I baptized him inside of me

He read and worshiped my every noun

just like a Bible he couldn’t put me down

He kept studying, praying and began to preach

a new religion as he worshiped on both knee

I placed blessings of kisses from his feet to his crown

not one imperfection on his angelic anatomy was found

I should know because I explored him carefully up and down

He is the last and only lover to taste my poetry

because his verbal metaphors pleased me…each bite,

taste, kisses to my paragraphs and sentences

burst with flavors so sweet and sour intense..

Never shall it be the same when I compose poetry

each verse will now flow with precise synchronicity

submissively I kneel, bowing to his pen effortlessly

He has become the religion of Mind, Body and Soul

…his love flows endlessly making me whole.


Sublime Poetess

Cheryl D. Faison

© 2012-2018

Overstanding the Understanding ( for Nathan P. )

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The kiss you wished to deny me

your desires gave freely as

your lips and tongue repeatedly

understood our intentions more clearly…

bodies swaying before the music had begun…

to the rhythm of one heart palpitation….

solo, emotional, communication?…yet

this “Dance” requires two…it seems

it’s been choreographed for me and you…

do you understand…how to experience me?

do you know the steps to this “Dance”…?

The Seasoned Lover…even he still requires

the delicate balance of Ballet

to Baryshnikov me as Misha would…

my feminine frame will “Dance” playfully

as Cyd Charisse singing in the rain…

I know…you know this metaphor

this allegory of love, lust and

emotional purgatory caught between

what we want and what we need

funny …how can it be…

they are different yet the same?

Perhaps The Seasoned Lover can explain?

Why…my body becomes an engraved

precious jewel just for you…each

carefully sculptured curve & groove

phenomenally legible like Braille to the blind

you can feel the warmth of my inner sunshine…

so heavenly and so divine…

you trace the words I am unable to speak

as our intense gratification begins to peek…

I know you over stand…I was reassured

at the slight of your hand as we played

the game of hide and seek underneath

the cover of bed sheets…

and it feels like there were

no other lovers before

you are so right for me…

wrong is something you cannot do…

I understand what it is

to over stand…to feel whole and complete

…the seamless merge

the unrestrained bliss

the impeccable passion

of an explosive kiss

no longer was I willing to resist…

my vulnerabilities are

now your responsibilities

and I toss all caution to the wind…

your pleasure pleases me…caressing me visually

you are the artist hand painting me

with shades and hues rendering me

mentally naked and physically nude…

still a thousand moans I shall sigh…

as your  human canvas, My-Self

I shall decry from quivering lips

and each trembling thigh…

within me are a thousand pictures

for you to paint…

the words inside me become art

for your erotic collection…

the music in me provokes this “Dance”

each step and gesture choreographs manipulation…

yet I over stand this ceremonial celebration

and the tears of elation rain down

once our “Dance” is complete…as

the prelude to an un-stymied kiss

on this erotic journey that

commenced solo with two…

ending with sweet dreams

of pleasure of the over standing of

the understanding between me and you.

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison

© 2012



U don’t want this kiss…

A prelude 2 the “Dance”…

Because the way I get u to respond to mere lips & tongue…

The full experience…

U couldn’t stand…

No need to worry about how I know

Just know that I know……

And I know how…

Reading your body…

Like a blind woman…

Reading the last romance novel imprinted in Braille…

Expert locksmith..

Opening gateways that have been shut

For an eternity…

Seasoned lover…

Never poses the question what do u like…

Instead just listens to ur body’s responses…

Which proves me always right

But do share what does not turn u on…

Those issues won’t be pressed…

Except….what if ur last lover just did it wrong?

I won’t tell…

My lips sealed

Yours wide open

I love the taste

Do u love the touch?

If a picture is worth a 1000 words…..

Then a touch must be worth 1000 moans….

Seamless merge…

Giving in to both pleasure and urge…

Your vulnerabilities…

Entrusted to my sensibilities….

By pleasuring U….

I’m pleasuring me…

No words needed….

As erotic journey completed….

Quivering thighs…

Pleasure tears glisten eyes…

I’ll lay still….

Inside of U…

Drifting off to sweet dreams….

Of commencing round two

~~~Nathan P.

c 2012

Forever My Poetry

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This is a poem for your poetry…

for your symmetry cause you

always mesmerizing me…got me fantasizing…

romanticizing erotically how to methodically

get your attention in my ascension cause

I want to explore your Fifth Dimension in

those eyes that vibe, those lips to sip

makes me want to taste the dip that

lies between your knees and thighs


Seems so satisfactory flavorful

you looking very tasteful…

as you walk by so confident and cool

your swagger breaking every rule…

I want to get to know you…

oh! baby stop the hesitation

I need your accommodation


let me abide with you…

we shall do what you wish to do

make my body your play land

as only you can, pull my hair

by the strand, flip my body

on a headstand…it’s

your language I understand…


No need for translation

this is our soul nation..

we are the entire population

tracing each other’s silhouettes

of Orion’s constellation…

we are the total inhabitation

of cosmic quantification

developing the theory and grove

scientifically we can prove…

the laws of gravity can be defied

when we experiment deep and wide…


Damn! I’m powerless to your charm

my demeanor you disarm…

bewitching and beguiling

got my body twitching and thriving

throbbing pulsation with your

…perplexing penetration

…heart racing palpitation

…loin girded sensation

…I welcome your hydration


my garden is your secret…

water and seed it often as

you will…it’s just a thrill…

cause when you harvest

my produce…there is no excuse

simply seduce in the name of the art…


it was your poetry that got

all of this in motion you spoke

the spells of a love potion…

with each noun, verb, and preposition…

you commanded me into submission

but I won’t complain…

I love this thing and for you

I’ll spit bars and rhymes for a lifetime…


See I read you and you have written me

each verse poetically…captures the essence

of what you mean to me…and

I know to you I matter more than

the words in this rhyme or a ray of sunshine…


we both know we were meant to be one, so

please hold me in your heart dear as a poem

read me at night like your holy scripture…

touch my face in the framed picture…


each day I say a constant prayer…

asking for you to be always there

and each time I see your face…

I know it’s another promise

kept by hope and grace…this

is why I’m always ready

for your love and embrace

you are the world to me because

you are forever my poetry.



Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

© 2012






SexY is…Nathan P.

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SexY is…the linked cuff of one who doesn’t rush

finesse of the fedora as he brings out her aura

beauty he exclaims to behold as his gaze reads her soul…

his undress me eyes…see right through

the pain that lies deep beneath the heart of she…

as he gives her air to breathe…refreshing like a breeze

a tall ‘drank’ of water is he…something else like…

Nathan P… Poet of Passion a Player of words

a man of swagger so swag its absurd…

He entices women with only nouns and verbs

he hits the stage, she hits the floor…after his word

she must be first at his dressing room door…her plan

to take him home if she can…he’s such a desirable man…

the mountain round she’s cummin’…like a Virgina tune she’s hummin’

bidding highest for his lustcapdes…he’s so much sun he melts shades

like a fresh breeze from the ocean…his needs meet with devotion

may be a kiss or embrace…she discards panties…black lace

with the pretty pink bow…revving the engine of his flow

He steers the fine poetry like a limousine of transportation

smooth eargasmic elations…silent glances need no translation

his charm creates feminine libations…baptizing she

in his white linen attire she lust for him with burning fire

…with a smile and wink…she’s slain by his desire

This be the legend of the speaker eloquently

the Don Juan of Poetry his verbs seduce amazingly

So he is… he is SexY…the one and only Nathan P.

Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

© 2012

tears beyond ( a poem for Ethiopia )

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there are tears

beyond explanation

no one will understand

my hesitation

to trust, to love

to learn to see

because of the pain

I endure as me

abandoned by the world

to fiend on my own

so sad and lonely

without a safe home…

who will hear my tears

who will hug my eyes

who will replace this mental suicide

with love, trust, hope and honor

who will fill my belly of hunger…

you take my picture

place it on the internet

you have TV infomercials

but the lies are swept

the media hides the truth

they throw the first rock

but in 24 hours my plight

they’ve all forgot

just once in my life I wish

someone would be there…

just once in my life

I wish someone would care

will you be the one

who steps up to the plate

or once again will my river

of tears be a floodgate…

oh! I wish to evacuate

Please don’t hesitate

the pain please obliterate…

tell your government you are irate…

let your goodness vindicate

and allow me to escape

the pain of this place

dry the tears on my face

I matter just as much

as the lightest hue…

if you look even closer

see how much I resemble you

not much difference

in your smile and my frown

we will be identical

if you turn mine upside down

look past the tears

that blind my eyes…

look in your heart

and see what’s inside…

please help me to take

my rightful place at

life’s table as we dine

place my helpless hand

in yours so I’ll be just fine

…I am waiting on you

Please sister or brother…

We are all One Family…

The Universe is Our mother.

~Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

(c) 2012

Crimson Tears ( a poem for Syria )

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Crimson Tears

burn my Eyes

with the tyranny

of each atrocity

fueled by

Hell bent hypocrisy…

In the land of Hades

The graves are

filled with Babies

Blood of The Lamb

Silence of sound

No tears or frown…

…sit back and relax

Council of the U.N.

Sees no sin

Why bother to defend

Souls of innocence

No secure defense


is of no consequence…

Why take no real action?

Perhaps Not

enough Oil or Riches

for greedy, carnal satisfaction


I don’t know…

Seems like everyone

Fought hard to free

Bosnia’s Ivory hued Sarajevo

I don’t know…

just seems to me

Some People

are more worthy

…to be Free


...Others are

nothing more than


I shutter to think

as even USA faulters

We got Foreign Policy

Doesn’t include those

Born into poverty

We created wars in

Iraq and Afghanistan

But those tyrants were

A flash in the pan

I know there is

no money left

in this world

I don’t understand it though…

The Geneva Conventions

Can’t save a helpless

little boy or helpless girl


the life of a villain

Hailed as Jesus Christ

But he really is more like

the Anti-Christ

Generations of

Born Dictators…

Rewarded by

Foreign Policy incubators

The world turns its back

Both Eyes blind…

Turn away from

the news at evening time

Don’t want to see

The Truth of the desolation…

But we are only hypocrites

Not one is worthy of Salvation….

Genocide, homicide

It’s all the same

The Powers that be

Watch without shame

No one can see

The world is insane?

Maybe only…

I see it

I hear it

I feel it

In the duality of

My mind’s Eye

or perhaps

I am blinded by

Crimison Tears

for Syria

Eye cry.

Sublime Poetess

© 2012