If I Tell…

If I tell you anything
I can only say…
You are my everything…
You are my next heart beat
my last breath…heaven knows
to take me to your grave…
if you precede me in death…


Living without you…
is no longer an option

If I tell you anything
I can only say you are…
why birds sing
why the sun shines

you are my lifetime
of memories…of…


If I tell you anything
I must say you are
my dream…
in the flesh
a miraculous manifest…
fitting my body like Sunday’s best

If I tell you anything
I must say how…
your fingertips arouse
the rose within me like
the dew rains so gently
on a beautiful spring dawn
as my petals begin to spawn…

If I tell you anything
I will say how the kiss
from your lips restores
my faith in the divine
by turning watered down
passion into healing wine
I quench my loneliness from
your goblet of acceptance
…it is my recompense

If I tell you anything
I will say…
the light of the moon
is the reflection of your smile

I will say…
celestial stars have not
impressed me in a while…
not since the milky way
acknowledged your effervescence
as both light and day
which brightens the way
of the path stars once lit
to the edge of the universe
but it is now for you whom
the constellations search…

If I tell you anything
I will say how you make
my Decembers feel like Junes
filling my emotional playlist
with romantic songs from Itunes…

If I tell you anything
I will say you are my Apothecary
who has provided the remedy…
my emotions no longer feel scary
your formula helped to cure the illness
by the healing of forgiveness

If I tell you anything
I will allow myself to feel

….for you…

I can totally reveal all
of whom I am or aspire to be
because you mean more
to me than I could ever ask or
imagine or perhaps pray for…
being with you has given me
the chance to trust once more…

So…if I tell you anything
I promise to be honest and true…
I will say you are my everything…
and yes…I love you…I do.

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison
© 2012


Tell me …

Tell me anything
sweet lullabies when doves cry
or hot seductive tales
of fantasies to unveil

Tell me anything

Sweet little lies
untrusted alibies
words to make my eyes tear
feelings to make my heart cheer

Tell me
what you like

The way I make you shiver
moan and quiver
sending messages down your spine
Touching and savoring
exploring and pampering
all that is mine

Tell that you like it

The way my hands move to your tune
making your Decembers feel like June
Raising your chemistry
Becoming the alchemist
of your deepest fetishes
The tempter of your sins
and the cause of your coy grin

Tell me what’s on your mind

Or… have me search and find myself
deep within your thought
The sentiment my love bought
and the change for the better
you got in return
as we both learn
the ways of each other

Tell me how you feel

I know you feel as I do !

Though deep
heartfelt and true
you color my grey skies blue
Painting rainbows for me to view
Coloring my soul
with colors of crescendo

Tell me what you see

As I stand before you exposed
ups and downs
my highs and lows
Revealing to each other
only things God knows

I ask
one more thing of you

tell me
You love me.

by : The Sensual Angel
Santos Taíno Santiago


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 17, 2012.

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