Forever My Poetry

This is a poem for your poetry…

for your symmetry cause you

always mesmerizing me…got me fantasizing…

romanticizing erotically how to methodically

get your attention in my ascension cause

I want to explore your Fifth Dimension in

those eyes that vibe, those lips to sip

makes me want to taste the dip that

lies between your knees and thighs


Seems so satisfactory flavorful

you looking very tasteful…

as you walk by so confident and cool

your swagger breaking every rule…

I want to get to know you…

oh! baby stop the hesitation

I need your accommodation


let me abide with you…

we shall do what you wish to do

make my body your play land

as only you can, pull my hair

by the strand, flip my body

on a headstand…it’s

your language I understand…


No need for translation

this is our soul nation..

we are the entire population

tracing each other’s silhouettes

of Orion’s constellation…

we are the total inhabitation

of cosmic quantification

developing the theory and grove

scientifically we can prove…

the laws of gravity can be defied

when we experiment deep and wide…


Damn! I’m powerless to your charm

my demeanor you disarm…

bewitching and beguiling

got my body twitching and thriving

throbbing pulsation with your

…perplexing penetration

…heart racing palpitation

…loin girded sensation

…I welcome your hydration


my garden is your secret…

water and seed it often as

you will…it’s just a thrill…

cause when you harvest

my produce…there is no excuse

simply seduce in the name of the art…


it was your poetry that got

all of this in motion you spoke

the spells of a love potion…

with each noun, verb, and preposition…

you commanded me into submission

but I won’t complain…

I love this thing and for you

I’ll spit bars and rhymes for a lifetime…


See I read you and you have written me

each verse poetically…captures the essence

of what you mean to me…and

I know to you I matter more than

the words in this rhyme or a ray of sunshine…


we both know we were meant to be one, so

please hold me in your heart dear as a poem

read me at night like your holy scripture…

touch my face in the framed picture…


each day I say a constant prayer…

asking for you to be always there

and each time I see your face…

I know it’s another promise

kept by hope and grace…this

is why I’m always ready

for your love and embrace

you are the world to me because

you are forever my poetry.



Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

© 2012







~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 17, 2012.

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