tears beyond ( a poem for Ethiopia )

there are tears

beyond explanation

no one will understand

my hesitation

to trust, to love

to learn to see

because of the pain

I endure as me

abandoned by the world

to fiend on my own

so sad and lonely

without a safe home…

who will hear my tears

who will hug my eyes

who will replace this mental suicide

with love, trust, hope and honor

who will fill my belly of hunger…

you take my picture

place it on the internet

you have TV infomercials

but the lies are swept

the media hides the truth

they throw the first rock

but in 24 hours my plight

they’ve all forgot

just once in my life I wish

someone would be there…

just once in my life

I wish someone would care

will you be the one

who steps up to the plate

or once again will my river

of tears be a floodgate…

oh! I wish to evacuate

Please don’t hesitate

the pain please obliterate…

tell your government you are irate…

let your goodness vindicate

and allow me to escape

the pain of this place

dry the tears on my face

I matter just as much

as the lightest hue…

if you look even closer

see how much I resemble you

not much difference

in your smile and my frown

we will be identical

if you turn mine upside down

look past the tears

that blind my eyes…

look in your heart

and see what’s inside…

please help me to take

my rightful place at

life’s table as we dine

place my helpless hand

in yours so I’ll be just fine

…I am waiting on you

Please sister or brother…

We are all One Family…

The Universe is Our mother.

~Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

(c) 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 3, 2012.

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