SexY is…Nathan P.

SexY is…the linked cuff of one who doesn’t rush

finesse of the fedora as he brings out her aura

beauty he exclaims to behold as his gaze reads her soul…

his undress me eyes…see right through

the pain that lies deep beneath the heart of she…

as he gives her air to breathe…refreshing like a breeze

a tall ‘drank’ of water is he…something else like…

Nathan P… Poet of Passion a Player of words

a man of swagger so swag its absurd…

He entices women with only nouns and verbs

he hits the stage, she hits the floor…after his word

she must be first at his dressing room door…her plan

to take him home if she can…he’s such a desirable man…

the mountain round she’s cummin’…like a Virgina tune she’s hummin’

bidding highest for his lustcapdes…he’s so much sun he melts shades

like a fresh breeze from the ocean…his needs meet with devotion

may be a kiss or embrace…she discards panties…black lace

with the pretty pink bow…revving the engine of his flow

He steers the fine poetry like a limousine of transportation

smooth eargasmic elations…silent glances need no translation

his charm creates feminine libations…baptizing she

in his white linen attire she lust for him with burning fire

…with a smile and wink…she’s slain by his desire

This be the legend of the speaker eloquently

the Don Juan of Poetry his verbs seduce amazingly

So he is… he is SexY…the one and only Nathan P.

Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison

© 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 3, 2012.

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