He Still Lingers ( Linger II)

…his tongue whispers on
my lips and thighs were
almost as engaging as
his enchanting eyes
he made love to me
with a smile and a blush
he took his time…there was
no hurried rush as he made
my body his vast play land
with each cunning stroke
of his masculine hand…

…there are no words
to speak of how I feel for
my Latin Lovers sex appeal
I am lost in hours and hours
of his passionate prose where
he sends me…only heaven knows

he has made discoveries in
my temple of tantric treasures
coveting the copious carnal
pleasures of daring desires
burning ablaze the wildest fires
against my luscious lips and
my silky soft skin as we
pioneer our own orgasmic sin
of the flesh and of the bone…
his hold on me is so strong

he makes me weak in
each valley and peak
from my scalp to my feet
his loving is a treat
but it’s like a said before
he is the Latin Lover
like no other…

Oh! yes…he still lingers
in the small of my back,
the bite of my lip, the bat
of my eyelash…I told you
he’s got lovin’ like that…

make me sail away with
him on a wanton whim
doesn’t matter if there
is rhyme or reason…he is
the man for each season
my summer time he fills
with profuse poetic steam
he fans me with his long hair
for I’m his chosen queen

my autumn he keeps nice
and bright because his love
falls like leaves in the night
and as the autumn sun demises
it is my winter he surmises
he keeps me cool with his
sultry tongue when he
whispers…”baby cum”

Oh! he is the man for all seasons
and I can go on and on with
my list of luxurious reasons…

the Linger of my Lover
Latin…he whose words
are like satin…in each
careless whisper of my lobe
seductively our bodies probe
I cannot resist his fragrant scent
…a longing I cannot prevent

because his Latin is
like satin in my ear
and his words, his words
I still hold dear…just like his
tongue whispers on my lips
and thighs I cannot resist when
I look in his eyes…the passion
flows through his Magellan Strait
to be with him I cannot wait

Oh! Latin Lover come back!
Please…explore my Spain…
once again linger to engrave
my bosom with your name.

Sublime Poetess
© 2012



~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 3, 2012.

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