Crimson Tears ( a poem for Syria )


Crimson Tears

burn my Eyes

with the tyranny

of each atrocity

fueled by

Hell bent hypocrisy…

In the land of Hades

The graves are

filled with Babies

Blood of The Lamb

Silence of sound

No tears or frown…

…sit back and relax

Council of the U.N.

Sees no sin

Why bother to defend

Souls of innocence

No secure defense


is of no consequence…

Why take no real action?

Perhaps Not

enough Oil or Riches

for greedy, carnal satisfaction


I don’t know…

Seems like everyone

Fought hard to free

Bosnia’s Ivory hued Sarajevo

I don’t know…

just seems to me

Some People

are more worthy

…to be Free


...Others are

nothing more than


I shutter to think

as even USA faulters

We got Foreign Policy

Doesn’t include those

Born into poverty

We created wars in

Iraq and Afghanistan

But those tyrants were

A flash in the pan

I know there is

no money left

in this world

I don’t understand it though…

The Geneva Conventions

Can’t save a helpless

little boy or helpless girl


the life of a villain

Hailed as Jesus Christ

But he really is more like

the Anti-Christ

Generations of

Born Dictators…

Rewarded by

Foreign Policy incubators

The world turns its back

Both Eyes blind…

Turn away from

the news at evening time

Don’t want to see

The Truth of the desolation…

But we are only hypocrites

Not one is worthy of Salvation….

Genocide, homicide

It’s all the same

The Powers that be

Watch without shame

No one can see

The world is insane?

Maybe only…

I see it

I hear it

I feel it

In the duality of

My mind’s Eye

or perhaps

I am blinded by

Crimison Tears

for Syria

Eye cry.

Sublime Poetess

© 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on July 3, 2012.

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