Unforgettable you

a first kiss to reminisce
beneath an old oak
tree secrets carved
kept sacredly of his
and hers initials therein
inscribed marked with
Cupids naïve arrowed heartthe pinkie swear, blood bond
conspired sincerely underneath
the sweltering Southern sun

eau de honeysuckle bathes
five senses double time
two cerebral cortexes
dumbed by pulsating tongues
which become one…

agile fingers fondle
delicate hearts like a
gentle summer breeze
kissing autumn hued skin
dewy palms moist with
anticipation ignite fireworks
independent as July fourth

coming of age in
a summer hotter than
nineteen sixty nine
cranking engines to
Sally’s Mustang…
joy ride in overdrive
radio plays the bands and
ballads of fond memories
of those innocent Sunday strolls…

the dance of synchronized
steps to a symphony of
bird’s song dressed up in
Robin’s Red and Jay’s Blue
day after day their music
reminiscent of my first love
…unforgettable you.

Sublime Poetess
© 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on June 22, 2012.

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