****** Infrastructure II *****

******Alfreda Ghee*****

The iniquities that you use
to hold you up are just
the projections of your inner self
All the gibberish you speak leaves
a crust around the edges of my mind
to linger in and rust red, brown
and yellowish stains of an infection
which have blistered and hardened over
with funk is all that remains

The unclandestined memories
how sore they are to me…
looking deep into the oceans floor
to find that tiny little strand of life force
that rolls up from the tabernacles of hope and joy
built upon the alters where I kneel to feel
the grace of the only One…
No comfort do I find in
the answer that was so clear all along
the sides of the path that led me straight to you

Cruel intentions you had all along while
I waited and became dust upon your bed
blown away with the cool summers night breeze
but little did you know the wind and rains
would come hard when they arrived
You are the specter who will haunt me
in my dreams until the end of time
Yes, you only want me to see a spectrum
that glows endlessly n my mind as a ball of light

Somehow… I have to fight….

But the fight has just begun
from my sprouting sun
You are the species I was warned about
like the steep in pickle you lay thick
upon the glass of my mind
lingering and taunting my every move
You are like the solstice at noon
at its highest peak reaching further
and further in to my skins core
to drive me over the edge
of the bed as you dig deeper
and deeper into me with the heat
You are the blacksmith
who scorches my soul with iron shoes
and drains me of my glow

Oh! How I know lifting above this
is going to be hard…
how much longer will I have to hold on
I need maintenance to repair my heart
which has been riddled with shrapnel
and butchered through…whenever
I look at you I only want to see your ruin

…I see this is where it all begins as my strength
rises with the current from the earth’s core…..

*****Sublime Poetess*****

…I begin by removing the shrapnel
which pierced my heart and butchered my thoughts
I am stronger for the fight than ever before
mentally and physically I annihilate your
glowing light of evil…I will ring louder
than the church steeple in St. Andrew’s square

I am no longer defeated by your deception
called love…it’s a farce which I am rudely
aware of now; I know the truth about you
lies will never shackle me back to your chamber
of hell…you may be the blacksmith but I shall weld

I will weld closed your lips of contemptuous lies
and ill repute…my dignity I shall wear
proudly as an Armani suit…no longer cheapened
by your propaganda to make me loathe self
I am rising above it all…I perpetuate my thoughts
and my desires…so step aside

You spate in my eyes so I shall gorge yours back
not with anger but with confidence as I rebuild
my foundation…I don’t need your reparations
I found new riches buried deep within…my
infrastructure shall rise and rise again

See you can’t bury me in your shallow grave
your cruel intentions were washed away by the
hard rain and wind that preceded your summer breeze
my nights spent as dust beneath your feet only molded me
now I’m deeply rooted and fertilized like the old Oak tree

Watered with the love of the Seas of the Seven
your evil scheme has been thwarted by Heaven
I stand at the tabernacle of everlasting hope and joy
I’ve knelt at the altar of grace and my heart has healed
it was through my prayers answers were revealed
vast like the salts that consume the Dead Sea’s life
I can never drown in your intended strife

Indeed my Infrastructure I shall rebuild
flawlessly I’ll reconstruct…love shall
find and raise me up…but you my dear
the vengeance of your iniquities shall arise
and from your cruel intentions you shall
embark on your demise.

Alfreda Ghee

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison

© 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on June 11, 2012.

One Response to “****** Infrastructure II *****”

  1. Absolutely LOVE it!!

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