Here with Him

Alone with him again…

we lose track of time
Sensual seduction utterly divine
as we entwine embracing
spirit, body and mind…

in our own cosmic voyage
of moonlit wonders
of anatomical collisions
seeing moon and stars
in our tunnel vision…

Of kissing silhouettes
venturing into
the alluring abyss

Giving in completely
to the perpetual pulsation
of metaphysical penetration
of mind over matter as
each lick shatters all inhibition
inflicted by old time religion…

I let him preach to me as
He removes the Scarlet Letter
from my feminine frame
His kisses on my thighs
Engraving his name…

I am no longer shunned
for the lust of my tongue
when I place my lips upon
his succulent caramel dome
pleased, he cums inside his home

I open the door he needs no key
He masters the most sacred of me
This man is like no lover before
Our lustful desires grow ever more

We take sanctuary, each other’s temple
My water-bearing becomes so plentiful
With each erupting, elating climax
Ooh…hold on baby just relax…

He is my Mars, I his Venus
Discovering ourselves scientifically
Celestial entities who rendezvous to
The shine of our own rising sun…

Only he and I here as we become one
Quenching thirst from fountains
which flow like a natural spring well
content to reside where we dwell…
partially on land and partially at sea
what we have is so heavenly…

kiss me naked, I will kiss you back
our souls explode just like that…
with passion so wet so deep inside
the wild west we tame as we ride
climbing the saddle, straddling the seat
playing our bodies on lyrical repeat

our tongues have traced each
delectable crevice and confectionary spot
our passions have radiated nuclear hot
in our cosmic land of the divine
once again we’ve lost track of time

cum in for landing on the launch pad
from outer space…ssshhh!
no need to worry only
you and I here in this place.

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison
© 2012

*inspired by…

the poem : Just you and I here

by The Sensual Angel

Santos Taíno Santiago


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on June 9, 2012.

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