Sexing me, vexing me…

I can’t wait ‘til you undressing me

gyrating, vibrating plundering

my treasure with your measure

my back takes heed as you aim to please

sipping from my sweet mead

One of a kind, rum like wine

my sexy merlot you drink below

I quake like earth yearning for

your girth in my vessel of birth

dim all the lights we going at it

all night

like animals in heat I want to suck, lick,

and taste you on repeat…beast in the sheet

going at  it hard and fast, nice and slow

reaching a sexual sonic boom flow

I wanna to be nice in a nasty way

putting all our inhibitions at bay

we get it on in the midnight hour

unleashing the sensual power of foreplay

all day and night doing it left then right

we don’t need any oversight

just skin to skin, cheek to cheek

eye rolling, toe curling, lip biting

in the sheets…set me free

Ay papi…teach me a new dialect

as you give it to me correct

blending the caramel with coco

creating our own triple x show

I’ll be your baby tonight,

in the future…even the past

you make me wanna go back…

to days gone by in the night

as our bodies take flight

Baby! caress me touch me there…

kiss me and let me stare…

hair pulling, back scratching,

orgasms like thunder clapping

Oh! Damn let me swallow you

every inch is like sexual voodoo

I taste the seed you plant for me

as you let me hydrate it orally

bigger and bigger the root of it grows

got me kneeling on my knees and toes

I bow to worship your rod and staff

it should be a sin you’re blessed like that

Back breaking, bed rockin’

tonight the boots shall be knockin’

screaming so loud we go silent

‘cause the sexing here is borderline violent

beat it up, whip it in baby

oh yeah baby…

we gonna be freakin!

creamy ejaculations being

kissed by feminine lip salutations

climaxing clitoral stimulations

bathed in masculine oral libations…

the smile on your eyebrows

says it taste so very good

so cum now baby stack the wood

get inside me deep with your swell

baby…oh baby you love so well

I love the way you

sexing me, vexing me…

what you do when

you undressing me…

Cum with me and

I shall cum with you…

Our lovemaking is

…sexual voodoo.

Diva Nymph

aka Sublime Poetess

© 2012

~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “Voodoo”

  1. 😉 – i put a spell on you… – Screamin Jay Hawkins

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