The Adversary

Vulnerabilities cloaked in insecurities conspire against sanity

The very fabric of me unraveling as I grasp for clarity

I’m sinking fast in a prison of glass windows

Stained with images of me which are invisible

I’ve lost control of the soul I sold because I shun responsibility

What need is there for me to recapture a tarnished image

My life has been one trick prism…my issues cataclysms

I built a world on self-contempt…from love I’ve felt exempt

I enjoy the daze of the maze…something to do in my uselessness

Vanity has abandoned me seeking others less likely to offend

Even disappointment no longer depends on me to deliver

Mentally I am a frustration of masturbation of sighs and lies

Schemes and dreams…nothing means much to me…I am

The most sinister of cynics…my hatred finds humor in it

I am the damnation Satan fears…the prayer of the knave who

Dances on Satan’s grave, I spate in his face, I’m vile like that

See I am the darkness harbored within the cruelty enjoying

The pleasures of my sin…I am the victor never the vanquished

I marvel in your absurd pain…It’s what you truly deserve

You’ve earned each word of negativity and disillusionment

Never content always loathing and probing for a way out of hell

Pleading with heavens angels to ring the bell to free you

From your diminished capacity, your life is nothing but a travesty

Go ahead take a long look at me…the mirror doesn’t lie

You’re living this alibi of I could have been this or that or

I wish I were he or she, had more but weigh less

Listen to your self…the voice of disdain no longer sounds strange

You’ve been so down on yourself seeking the validation

Of every Tom, Dick or Harry or maybe Sally, Jane or Sue

Dammit!!!  Shut the hell up and just do you…

Whenever it’s all said and done in Life…YOU only get ONE

Seize the opportunity to be the very best person YOU can be…

You are worthy, so please don’t continue to listen to me…

I’m the adversary, the voice in your head of self-doubt

Never mind me just live and let live…that’s what life is all about.


Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison

© 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on May 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Adversary”

  1. your aim lately has been dead on Ms. Cheryl… not sure what to say other than these have been an incredible [and inspiring ;-)] series of work you’ve given birth to!!!

  2. thank you so much for stopping by Mutuo Consenu , very humbling ❤

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