His Latin was like satin as he whispered in my lobes

The lustful longings of his desires that abode inside me

Like pollen in the sting of the honeybee…sweetly pumping

Nectar of necessity to pleasure my pelvic proclivity


To be near him, to revere him in tranquility more

and more seductively while he perused  me poetically

As I used him aesthetically…angelically for my eye candy

His confection was perfection of a collection of skills

And thrills a woman dreams of when she wants to make love


He released the she-beast in me, so I aimed to please him intellectually,

Erotically educated sexual instruction; percolating emotional combustion

Perplexing and vexing my thoughts within during my induction in

His private fraternity of lost never found panties…


Willingly I submitted to his haze which only amazed; no need to hurt or harm while

He proceeded to cum and cum closer to me in midst of my feminine walls

His profession wrote new laws of attraction, the out cum always satisfaction


We re-verb’d nation after nation as our contemplation created

a new house of Greek underneath the bed sheets…


I tell you he was the best of the Latin Lovers…

He put Zorro to shame as he explored my Spain


He is the Columbus of orgasmic spices because he has the device

Which entices more than inertia, more than a leap of faith or folly…

Re-Verses the whiz of gee by golly…he plays the words of the player

Like a team of NBA All Stars…he shot me to the moon and back…


Oh yeah! He’s got lovin’ like that…his lovemaking created a new universe

He gave me heaven on earth…I can truly say I was touched by an Angel …

So divine and Sensual, Tantalizing my mind, spirit and body


I had to write this scribe to tell somebody about…The Lover

Whose Latin was like satin in my ear…our moments of conversation I hold so dear


His language I will always keep inside…like his tongue whispers on my lips

and thighs…like the last drop of fragrance of his cologne…

His words, his words and his love Linger on and on.


© 2012

Sublime Poetess


* inspired by Taíno the Sensual Angel

~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on May 26, 2012.

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