Heaven Bound

We make the sweetest love

Secretly escaping

Just you, just me

Tenderly you’re bridging the gap

Parting my tantalizing thighs

Stepping into a raging river

My womanly well is a hot spring

We will not feel cold or shiver

You are filling in the gap

Taking full control of my ship

Sailing away with me

Steering my vessel lip to hip

Navigating an uncharted direction

Still a course we willfully sail

Making our dreams real

No longer a fairy tale


My lips kiss you with passion

Upon your firm place

We are both becoming lost

Inside our sensual embrace

Our moans and groans unleashed

Which we once kept secretly silent 

Are boldly becoming uninhibited

Our lovemaking borderline violent

Yet still we both know here

There is no hurt or pain

Our lovemaking is refreshing

Wetter than spring rain

Oh! Please don’t let it end

Continuously we must indulge

Our bodies’ loud silent sound

Because whenever we’re touching

The feeling is heaven bound.


Cheryl D. Faison

aka Sublime Poetess



~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on March 26, 2012.

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