The Voice for Nippy

by Cheryl SublimePoetess Faisonon Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 12:08pm ·

For ‘The Voice’ tears will fall and flow for a day but in the end God has His way. He has given you peace on this long, hard journey. Now you sing for Him in The Choir Eternity. Making beautiful music in heaven among the Angels such as you are. Judgment and sadness you’ve left afar. Eventhough our hearts still ache, we know you’re smiling down on us with elegant grace. Now all that we must say and do is pray your daughter, Bobbi Kristina will manage without you. Many in the world see us only as crazed fans but like true friends we’re lifting your family in prayers, outstretching our helping hands. Believing God that in His infinite wisdom of mind, one day we shall all be reunited with you in heaven, hearing you sing one more time. Forever you will dwell among us here on the earth because since you are gone all now hear the value of your melodic worth. I am sorry that no one seemed to reach out to say how much you meant to us while you had breath but rest assured Whitney, your legacy has not surrendered to death. Many of us will forever carry your unconditional gift of love in our hearts, it’s our only choice because for us Whitney, You Will Always be ‘The Voice’.

~Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison~

(copyright 2012)


*p.s. Whitney…please give out hugs in heaven to all for me, and especially give Michael a kiss just for me too. We LuvUmore Nippy


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on February 18, 2012.

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