Legacy ( for Black History Month inspired by Don Cornelius)

Legend, Hero, Trailblazer…what will you be called?

Are your contributions to culture of substance?

Did you extend a hand up to another brother

or sister blown down in the path of life?

Inspirational, Motivational, Keeper of The Faith

When the candle in the wind of your life begins to dim

will your warm glowing light be missed?

Today not tomorrow become The Keeper of our

Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers and OUR Children

Be the legacy, inspire the history, challenge the masses

Pour goodness before the feet of your enemies

Let them taste the flavor of psychological defeat

Fill your goblet with good courage, live life triumphantly

Become the Master of your fate, Captain of your universe

You are your history, your legacy, be hold,  be beyond, believe

Immortalize yourself in words, actions, and deeds

Bind your greatness to life for centuries to come

Every day, every moment, every breath become our history, our legacy…

And unyielding reality of substance to change the world!



© 2012

Cheryl D. Faison




~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on February 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Legacy ( for Black History Month inspired by Don Cornelius)”

  1. i get tha feelin that you kinda liked Don, huh Cheryl? 🙂

    (accurate, thoughtful and well spoken tribute, sister. )

  2. Beautiful.

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