The Elder and The Empress Emcee

when I grip mics its like my chocolate joysticks self manipulations to come to furious explosion

so I get off

so I let off

floods of nouns verbs adjectives and poetically brush keyboarded

descriptions of what I am eternally feeling

and when I get this feeling

I need to spit at emcees pimp smack em healings

takin no hostages poets or poetess

its like I’m your down south parents saying to you

go out in the field and get me a wicker switch

when you flick the switch that turns on my spazmatic deadly venom

you will be praying for the lift of a nine mil a meter

instead of the ballistic full metal jacket hollow tip composition of knowledge

that frightens and enlightens the deaf dumb and ignorant

I’m as black as Wesley Snipes neck

black conscious like KRS

humbly black militant as Malcolm X

got milk

not I got mos def mathematics

and word play savvy like bahamedia

get it?

lemme step up to mic with my brother Wayne

we both be spittin lyrically insane cause many

of you don’t know or understand me

soon I will assassinate you with

my ferocious femininity making you

wanna get wit me but rest assured I don’t take punks or chumps

you can only admire my sexy lady lumps cause

like Fergie said with the Black-Eyed Peas

you so two-thousand and late you feel my lyrical heartache

many don’t know how long I been around they don’t know

I’m THE QUEEN who invented The Crown

I’m a verbal assassin, a poetic annihilator

you be feignin for my spit like a Now or Later

I got Verses & Flow hotter than a street pimped hoe

Slayin bustas so right they be bustin nuts all night

from this poetic head I love em til they dead

Jokas play my rhyme like a Prince LP

grinding like it’s my tight kitty cause

my rhymes put em in a trance

Like a Lady Gaga bad romance

I am the Empress Emcee y’all can’t step up to me

cause you can’t afford my high price fee

I be clocking dollars like Janet

so much money bought my own planet

I be on a constant grind be like Lil Kim & Trina

this hip hop is mine

You can’t take my shine

all you get is blinded by my glow

because my rap is dope in this poetic flow

Brother Wayne gonna take back this mic

before it explode like dynamite

cause like the Kid JJ on Good Times

This lyrical assassination is one of a kind

I don’t need no rifle or nine to get down any time

Of course this Lyrical Pleasure has been all mine!


Copyright (c) 2011

Cheryl D. Faison

Wayne Gooden


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on January 17, 2012.

One Response to “The Elder and The Empress Emcee”

  1. fab n licious collab

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