LOVE ELUDES ( collaboration Cheryl Faison and Kevin Bigham )


Love eludes me….or may be

Perhaps love I avoid

In my powerless attempts to

Escape rejection, hurt, or pain

Accentuating the negatives of love

…Positive L.O.V.E is just a four letter word

Filled with desolation and emptiness

….Abandoning a heart of virgin emotions

Hyman of the heart split, broken, bleeding

Oozing out uncertainty, poisonous pain

I seek out the apothecary of

Mind numbing barbiturates to

Decimate the pain of heartache

I am desperate to forget

…Love eludes me or may be

It has become gum underneath my shoe

Or a restraining, sticky glue as

I attempt to walk away from

The footsteps of desire

Trekking behind me, beside me, ahead of me

In efforts to catch me up, sneak into

My one place of divine retreat…

Inside my heart

The haven of all that I am

All that I aspire to do, become

Or Give


Of me I have the Capacity to Give

…Yet the desire to Give of Myself exist no longer

Love eludes me or perhaps love is only tragedy…

…David and Bathsheba…Anthony and Cleopatra…

Romeo and Juliet…

Love eludes me even in

The fringes of my cerebral cortex…

The only defense to protect

My heart

Love eludes me…

Love the mind over matter…

Matters of the heart…

I will avoid it’s elusiveness at all cost….CF


Hey sexy, excuse me I meant Cheryl

I too am a romantic of whom love eludes

from the Monday morning I can’t loose you blues,

to women disappearing in the night without hints or clues

See I know this could be used as just an excuse

But I have felt my heart has been abused

Now I’m a little more selective with how I choose

This whole process has left me somewhat confused

Why oh why, do I forever keep getting used?

Hmmm, maybe because of my meekness,

Women take my kindness and mistake it for weakness

I can come off as aloof or maybe, just maybe I’m spooked

All I know is that when it comes love, seems like I’m snoozing

And without affection in my life, I’m definitely losing

So I get careless and put my heart out in the wind

I make the same mistakes over and over again

I keep falling for the same type, the black of heart

Tears our love apart, always I vow again to never start

A relationship where she tries to control

By putting me in a box

We fight about everything from bills to

Whose turn it is to sleep in the wet spot

…this life is demeaning so

I continue on my search for life’s meaning…KB


Life’s meaning….? are you asking me?

Didn’t you hear how love eludes me?

…Cheryl’s certain in love is NOT where

I want to be

Listen, like I said earlier love is tragic

Love eludes me there is no magic

….I know I seem like a woman with a black heart

But if I could find the right one we would never part

Yes….perhaps it’s not just I that finds love abusive

It may be you if you want love to feel less intrusive

See I don’t want a lover I always have to share

I’m not arguing about bills either, I won’t go there

…And as far as who sleeps in the beds wet spot

there would never be one it would evaporate

Our lovemaking would be so hot

….Never mind KB….don’t waste our time

Love eludes me it’s a matter of the mind

I will just file this day in folder thirteen

forget all about this romantic thing

…The truth in your eyes says you long to love again

Still I’m fighting my desire to let our love begin

….Love eludes me KB….like

The run away bride in the movie

Love takes off running when I let down my guard

Love eludes me breaking my heart painfully hard

Secretly I wish I didn’t find love so elusive

Honestly KB….I want to be yours in our love exclusive

…Love has always eluded us both so it seems…

So tell me how KB do you make these

Nightmares become happily ever after dreams

How can you make my heart draw closer to my

broken, elusive, lovable man in my mirror?…..CF


So Cheryl, I need you to save me from my errors

I see your reflection in the mirror

This is love staring back at me,,, only clearer

now I admit, I probably shouldn’t have gone there

but I did and now we are beyond there

for it is i who is he, and you who are her

…Cheryl I must admit, you make my heart stir

I lay In bed at night dreaming of my plight

You enter my thoughts, my heart takes flight

I bask In the essence of your sight

It’s like being stripped naked in broad daylight

You see me for me, stripped of all my insecurities

and though you realize my fallacies, still you see my heart

I’m looking into your eyes, i belong to you forever

I want you to touch my spirit, until we grow old together

If your love is what you’re offering then I’m already sold

I’m not an easy win, in the past I’ve committed multiple sins

I’ve been known to be shallow…however if you will let love allow

…then just take my hand I promise for better or for worse

that with you I will always stand, never in front of you, but beside

this Is God’s will baby… and I must abide

I want to marry you Cheryl…Will you marry me?

…Forever free……You and me…Two hearts forever

Blending with the wind, and I promise never to let

Anyone hurt you again…KB

Newlywed couple at a wedding Getty Images/DK Stock


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on January 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “LOVE ELUDES ( collaboration Cheryl Faison and Kevin Bigham )”


  2. Bravo Bravo. Awesome scribe Cheryl and Kevin. Your ink intertwines beautifully. love this much you two.

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