Spirit to Spirit Testimony (collaboration with Wingman Gerald Green & Sublime Poetess)

Sublime Poetess~

My Spiritual Brother you always
Lift me up with your testimony
No matter how much gloom I may feel
Your words remind me God is real
Bleeding your ink to give Him Praise
Always flow ink blessed to amaze
Just like me you walk the spiritual walk
We both know it’s more to it than to talk the talk
Some folk believe that His promises are always a given
But you only receive His blessings if for Him you’re living
Many folk try to deny His Holy Name
Self creation is what they proclaim
Still NO man on earth can compete
His glory is such mortals cannot repeat
In the Bosom of our Lord we’re held in high esteem
He will love us despite any shortcoming
Unlike a sinner man or woman on earth
God values us each for our inner worth
He is the only one who IS our judge and jury
All human words are nothing more than sound and fury
No matter what people will gossip and say
I know God’s mercy sustains us day after day
His undying love anoints us to point the way
He blesses our ink to bleed this way
To Bleed the Blood as Jesus did upon the cross
My Spiritual Brother and I must shepherd the lost
In our deeds and actions we must live a servant spirit
Now my Spiritual Brother inspire us with your lyric…

Wingman ~

My Spiritual Sister I hear you loud and clear
People passing judgment, not knowing Judgment Day is near
Even dark-soul clergy are walking around in fear.
But my Spiritual Sister we rejoice knowing God holds us dear
He helps us to move along our way
If we take the time to kneel and pray
Doesn’t mean I won’t stress today
Means it takes a little longer
To break because prayer makes me stronger
So as my pen takes it’s drink
Into this well of my spiritual ink
Gave heart time to think
About the penned release
Of the words that would describe the inner peace
That God gives with a Love that He will never cease
Sacrificed His only Son to redeem me and defeat the Beast
Now I am truly one of the saved
On this road of destiny my redemption is paved
On my soul God’s Love is engraved
My Spiritual Sister I love you with Jesus example of Agape
So you know that my love for your will exist through all eternity…

Sublime Poetess~

My Spiritual Brother and I have
Testified through our blessed ink
We pray you all will rethink
We hope you will partake in The Agape Love
It is free to you as a home in Heaven above
It is the knowledge of The Word
That will sustain you here on this place
Until you are welcomed into Heaven’s grace
Learn to live together to Love as One
We pray here on earth His Will shall be done…


With Agape love there is no equal
Christ’s second arrival will be the only sequel
So if you seek the “forgiveness of sin” exemption
Then take control
Of your Holy Soul
And stay on the road of redemption
Every since I let Jesus into my spiritual place
I have been blessed by God’s amazing grace
Spiritual Sister sometimes I think I actually see His face
When my burdens His love seeks to erase
His love was sacrificed for our sin
I know it’s true after all the trouble I been in
He still held out His hand and let me win
I’m so bless to have you and Jesus as my friend…

Sublime Poetess~

Spiritual Brother I so understand
How great it is to hold His unchanging hand
King David told us he never saw The Righteous forsaken
This is when I decided I was partaken
I feel to my knees called out His Holy Name
Nothing in my life has ever been the same
I have weathered all the storms life has sent my way
I don’t worry any more, for sins we do not pay
We have been washed in The Blood
Redeemed by Christ Jesus Love
And one day when these old bones
Have been called away back home
We shall take our seat to His Right Hand
We shall dwell eternal in that land
Where we all should strive to be
Freed by Him up on Calvary
The Lamb will read from The Book of Life
Jesus will nod that it’s all right
Then we shall bow before Our God,
Christ Jesus His Only begotten Son
Our Heavenly Father will say to each us
“Well done, well done
Thy good and faithful servant
Well done.”


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on January 2, 2012.

One Response to “Spirit to Spirit Testimony (collaboration with Wingman Gerald Green & Sublime Poetess)”

  1. I love this poem, a beautiful love poem

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