Untold ( Domestic Violence)

Deep dark memory a secret I try to forget
But I vow to no longer live a life of regret
Thanks to you Monster I’ve learned that
The Devil knows how well to dance
Filling my thoughts of you with love and romance
Never would have thought it; how would I know
You would raise your fist to give my face a blow
You slapped me so hard in my jaw and face
I wore your handprint for months on my cheek as a trace

You are so cold hearted, a real bastard, a real jerk
Beating, punching and kicking me like I was just dirt
I never made you promises so there were none to break
It seems you are disturbed, trusting you a mistake
You kidnapped me held me against my will
Beating and choking me forcing me to swallow pills

Pulling out your gun, wielding you bullets and shells
I was already afraid now I’m scared to death
I don’t know if God can hear my voiceless cry
If you are going to kill me I pray it’s rapid I die
I only wanted to be your lover, partner, and friend
I never imagined I’d be apart of domestic violence

You wounded and bruised my body so long ago
Still the pain you inflicted won’t let my mind go
I once vowed to find you and return the favor
Now I thank God for Salvation and for MY SAVIOR

I only remember that bad day of all the time we shared
Shamefully our beautiful memories end with me being scared
I really wanted to keep this quiet Never mention it again
Yet for some reason not telling my story seems a sin
See there is a young woman maybe even a teen girl
Who is getting caught up in this domestic violence world
PLEASE Little Sister read this letter, take heart
You are better off without him, make yourself a fresh start
You are someone so special, a creation of The Lord
You are not supposed to be killed by a Man-Monsters sword
See your man is going to keep telling you stories and lies
Look closely at him Sister…he’s a wolf in a lambs disguise
Save yourself the trouble, heartache, pain, the strife
Most of all Little Sister save your own precious life
He is already dead, his heart cannot be resurrected
The ONLY ONE who can SAVE him he has rejected
He doesn’t care about himself, He Does Not Love The Creator
He Can Never LOVE YOU Baby Girl, he will Always be a hater
PLEASE leave him now, let him go while you can
The best thing you can do is pray for the mad man
Little Sister whoever, wherever you may be
I hope you heed the words of my reality
It’s not the life that you were born to lead
You are not some property no man has your deed

I cannot tell you much more about the choice you should make
But there is more to life then some deadbeat heartache
You can keep taking the bruises, beatings, even black eyes
Just remember when you’re gone it’s your family who cries
He can beat you down, black, blue choke the life out of you
Finally one day he will completely lose his Man-Monster control
And it’s Your Life he Ends the hopeless love story that goes untold.

Cheryl D Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse
© 2011

*disclaimer* this is about a horrible assault that happened to me many, many years ago.
I’ve never written about it until today 12.05.11…it is a time for reckoning…to shed 1996.
I hope that it may help someone else. I was blessed to be able to get away, right away but so many women can’t. I am fine and not being harmed. I know I got some friends that may read this and want to go ballistic for my honor…I love you all very much but I am all right, I promise! ~Cheryl


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on December 5, 2011.

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