The Invitation

Tonight feeling it’s my turn to extend the invitation
Please answer your phone without hesitation
“Hello” you say
“Hi, it’s me” I reply
You say, “I’m so glad you called me baby
How are you, how was your day”
Moments of silence before I give my reply
Those are the moments I moan and sigh
My conversation takes you by surprise
You gasp in amazement, stars in your eyes
You say, “Wow! baby what does this mean,
you want me to come over, we doing the wild thing?”
“ Uh, no baby just shut up and listen
Let me tell you a few secrets
First get your towel then lie down on the sheets,
I’m being spontaneous, baby I won’t repeat
I want to tell you what I’m wearing…
Honestly it’s much of nothing
But for you baby it’s really something
I’ve got my silky hair up in a pretty barrette
I’ve got on silk thigh high stockings, a sexy garter belt…

oh…those six inch stilettos…the ones you like so much
I’m wearing them with a satin bustier for just the right touch…

I’m wearing your favorite fragrance, edible lip gloss, the flavor is
“when you kiss me you know I’m THE BOSS”
I’ve got a few chocolates some strawberries too
I’m gazing at your picture imagining what we will do…

I’ve got my fingers tracing my shoulders and neck
Playing soft music, just below my garter is getting soaking wet
Baby your voice arouses me, your words are so exciting
That’s why baby tonight you I am inviting…
Cum on over…bring some candles baby, our favorite wine
I promise not to disappoint…I guarantee you a good time
I must warn you about my little pet…her nick name is Kitten
Remember when you stroke to make her purr
She becomes a real fiery vixen
You will easily succumb to her charms, be totally smitten
She will play with you indulging every fantasy of your
wildest imagination so please hang up this phone
Cum on over, accept the invitation…”

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 21, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Invitation”

  1. That’s awesome!

  2. invitation received! 🙂

  3. ~ ❤ Sensational ❤ ~

  4. Invitation accepted. I really really really like this. You ooze talent. Thank you.

  5. Invitation accepted ^_^

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