Music in Me

♫…He brings out the music in me each unsung, repressed melody
when his eyes are looking deeply into my soul he unleashes
in me the inhibitions of ROCK & ROLL ♪
..those lips of his….oh me! oh my!
when His lips caress My mouth with a passionate kiss
I begin to belt out love BALLADS of infinite bliss…
Hands…His hands hold me securely making me feel so sexy & sassy
His touch alone brings out in me all that is JAZZy

Lying down cozy, nuzzled into his chest takes away
my worries restoring my thoughts of peacefulness
it is the Orchestra, a Symphony of a thousand chords and string
I play for him my hearts appreciation for the new songs I now sing
HE brings out the music in me in such a beautiful way
…even when I sing the BLUES all the sadness goes away
Our love making is through the roof, completely over the ToP
He has me rolling and bouncing to His beat of HIP HOP

…sometimes we just spend quality time in the same room
listening to our souls playlists of I tunes
HE is my favorite Super Star, a phenomenal POP artist
His creativity and devotion make him one of the smartest
He is the CEO, Executive Music Producer…
…when He recites his poetry to me He’s the ultimate seducer
Yes…He is a man of so much talent and creativity
but…what I love the most is how He brings out
The sweetest melody of love inside of me…♫

© 2011
Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 19, 2011.

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