You Can’t See ( for a team collaboration )

You can’t see for looking because your heart is always closed~you are missing out but only you don’t know~that all that meets the eye is not beautiful~but all that reveals the truth is our naked soul~when you look with your heart too see my content~it is then you wish to repent~to me and God for the days you judged~time you wasted when we could have loved~you can’t see for looking the blessings in your path~you can’t see for looking for your aftermath~of all the pain and destruction you have created~you can’t feel anything your emotions annihilated~don’t you think now you have missed out on what is real~isnt it time to open your heart and let it reveal~all the things that will bring you love and liberty~you can’t see for looking still my love for you is free ~ Sublime Poetess (c)2011


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 18, 2011.

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