Rib of Life

Fierce from my beautiful afro down to the floor

Guaranteed to turn heads when I strut through any door

Oh yes! I know I always look fiercely gorgeous baby

But getting my digits for you is more of a slim maybe

See there is more to this package than what you’re used too

In order to meet the qualifications there are things you must prove

First of all I do take excellent care of this lean, sexy machine

And if you ever make love to me it’s a beautiful thing

However I don’t lay up with men to play a sexual game

I am a grown woman baby…

QUEEN is my first, middle, and last name

Oh please baby! Don’t look at me as if I spoke to you in tongues

Queen simply defined means I will be your only chosen one

I command to be treated with the utmost honor and respect

My loving is unconditional yet my patience is quite delicate

I don’t do well with scam artist, scandals, liars, or cheaters

Obviously I don’t do well with druggies, hustlers, or wife beaters

Please don’t even approach me if you still wish to run the streets

I don’t like foolishness, heed my warning, these rules I won’t repeat

Whenever I walked in here immediately you knew I’d arrived

It was so obvious you were staring harder than any other eyes

I already knew then you are interested, anxious to get to know me

I hope to learn about you as well if you stimulate me mentally

I’m a real grown woman so your penis can’t impress me

You must be educated, hard working, preparing for your help meet

She is a real jewel you will cherish, love, treasure even admire

I am a woman of such virtues, my standards are far higher

I am not arrogant, conceited nor believe I’m better than you

I am just an obedient daughter who is lead by spiritual truth

I was created by He who is marvelous, He made me meticulous

Without spotty blemish, wrinkle or dull shine of my soul

He created me for a worthy man who is seeking his rib of life

Maybe it’s your chance if you find me to be a Queenly Wife.

© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse

~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 14, 2011.

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