I am the rainbow of life and loves inspiration

Like the wet of rain I saturate with sensation

Visualize me in every color, shade, and hue

Accept my humanity for I am the reflection of you

My vast color array is only an expression of choice

My humility protests for freedom of voice

You see me in yourself every day

I am various moods of you in every shade

Blue on days whenever I feel down and out

Green on those days when I feel fresh, roaming about

There are some days when I feel frustrated and confused

These are the days when a faint shade of Yellow is my hue

Powerful, when I want to display pride and confidence

I appear in Red which is no coincidence

My colors may change often, emotions in every hue

The most important thing to remember is

You are me and I am you…

© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 11, 2011.

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