Immigration Discrimination

Hiding your hatred behind The Constitution

Rehashing the wounds of the slavery institution

You claim you don’t plan to discriminate

However, your

Immigration Reform is polluted by hate

You are a racist pig

You know…but

Away we will not go

Black, Yellow, Red or fromMexico

This is OUR world too not your private show

I am so disgusted by the convoluted injustice

All People of Color must bear

Because you pig racist are scared

Of any other folk that can write or read

Afraid we make a better society

For our children and family

You want the schools to count us

You got the police to surround us

Still we will stick together

Until our suffering gets better

You got a problem when we come

Then why don’t you keep your guns

On your own borders to use

Then we won’t have no excuse

To escape to your state’s land

Where the enemy still stands

Treating us less than subhuman

Your church is a crooked steeple

Filled with demonic people

Where is the charity, love, equality?

You all use to taunt me, and my kind

Why don’t your government, STOP?

Selling dope to our folk

STOP partnering with The Cartel

Making innocent lives a living hell

We’d rather not migrate…

Didn’t you know?

However your salacious sins

Force us to go…

From our true love, our birth home

In hopes we may carry on

Our next family generation

Without fear of death or desiccation

STOP hiding behind your vicious


The world has not been deceived

By your ill slated will

Truthfully it’s a legalized mandate

So your kind can discriminate

Against each of us in your state


© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse






~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on November 2, 2011.

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