His Artist Immortal

I am She….

His Artist Immortal

My creativity is quite resourceful

I combine my gifts of the

Quill and the ink to provoke

Consciousness of which you think

I bind my soul including

My heart to each and every line

It is a MUST

My work is sublime

I am on a mission working for

The Highest Power

His wages pay for lifetimes

Not just for the hour

I am the submissive artist by design

I am a Prophetess of Truth

Sent to free your mind

It’s not His only desire that

I receive His Vision

It is His will YOU

Comprehend the transmission

His commands are obvious

His will made clear

Still more often than not

You turn the deaf ear

When your life has you controlled

You’re to busy to listen

This is where I come in

Enhancing His mission

I write it all down in

The poetic form

Before you realize it

Hits you like a thunderstorm

You are reading intently

Contemplating each line

Saying to your self…

“The Poetess is on time”

Yet it’s not actually me…

I know it sounds absurd

Truthfully it’s Him…

The Way, The Life,

Truth and THE WORD

He speaks to YOU

He seeks YOU out

Reminding YOU

His Love comes

Without any doubt

So the next time you see

Some poetry on my post

Look to the heavens

…Praise Him, The Upmost


© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison

Le Sublime Poétesse







~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on October 30, 2011.

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