Conscious of Imperfections

A Grim Orator yells his whispers into my reluctant lobes

Those unpleasant things which we think dare not speak

Vial is the unforgiving utterances that spew from his lung

Petrified; I become confined in a nightmare echoing

through out the hollows of my mind

My sinister screams are abducted by accomplices in

dark cloaks

the numbness of my elusive eyes forces paralysis into

my log legs

I AM hostage without help or hope

Mentally I meditate appeals to Saints of Every Faith

I PRAY for mercy, for pardons of my arrogance in life

…”Only tonight grant ME an ostentatious miracle…”

A miracle I slipped into my back jean pocket aged

one and twenty when I first purchased alcohol legally

Or perhaps a miracle of mercy my Grandmother

petitioned for occasionally on my behalf…when


“…PLEASE…ONE is there with YOU…I KNOW

It must be ONE with YOU Saint Somebody…”

BELIEVE…if YOU are GODs real in time of trouble

“…RENDER ME MERCY…so I can pass through

This vast darkness engulfing my being…


Silence the unforgiving utterances of the Grim Orator

He’s playing ALL my SINS on repeat; the sounds are shrill

I CANNOT escape the tenacity of unforgiveness…

One by One my sins silences he revokes

Revealing ALL that I AM and ALL I AM NOT…

“Saint Somebody free me, save me from

The Grim Orator…PLEASE…


From my Conscious of Imperfections


© 2011 Cheryl D. Faison

Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on October 8, 2011.

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