Seduction of The Poets

Scantily clad in garments

Only of paper & pen

I, The Poetess…am ready to begin

Stroking your mind and body

With my poetic finesse as

The words of my pen erotically caress

Ridges of your manhood in that

Delicate place with sultry lips so moist

Craving to arouse your poetic taste

Salaciously I fondle you with my tongue to amaze

My licks continue pleasing as I hastily taste

Spellbinding you with my voluptuous haze…

Thus now begins the Poetic Seduction

Starring The Poetess once in repress

A Lascivious Poet eager to undress…


You lie me down gently to

Levitate my body in mid air…

Your fiery touch is a blaze

Kindling the sumptuous affair

Of I your Poetess once locked away

You The Master Poet begin

Erotically releasing

My lovemaking melody

All night into day…


The Poets seduction so

Subtle begins he with

One enchanting line…

Evolving rapidly two bodies

Heavenly entwine…

Toe curling, spine tingling

A luscious bitten lip…


The Poetess now releases

The power of her hips

More potent or powerful

Than the words of my pen

I, The Poetess erotically

Delivers The Master to

A Tantric Zen…


Growing bolder, much bigger is

Your Kingly beast

You’re inside The Poetess

Royal manhood you unleash


While romantic tunes of dusty

Hearts play melodies on repeat

The Poet and The Poetess

Seductively dance in the sheets.


© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison
Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on October 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Seduction of The Poets”

  1. Cheryl this is beautiful.Am proud of your art.You give a true picture of us(am so proud to a woman)Dear you are blessed and being an avid reader i will enjoy reading your work.Wish i could write.your creativity is just awesome.

  2. “While romantic tunes of dusty…Hearts play melodies on repeat…The Poet and The Poetess…Seductively dance in the sheets.” WOW!, Cheryl! What a talented soul spoiler you are!!!

  3. a [love] button needs to be added here 🙂

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