Satin panties against silk sheets

Passions burn as you undress me

Lustful glances into each others eyes

I eagerly accept your advances to my thighs

With a pleasing palm of delicate fingertips

I guide your hands upon my hips

I pull you closer for my lips to taste

You grip me gently with manly haste

I melt inside reduced to a cream

As you gently devour the flavor inside me

Precisely you perform an oral surgery

I cum to a climax time after time

I realize I MUST make you mine

As we lustfully position to the sixty-nine

Delicately I place my mouth on your beast

I lick and suck you near a release

Strategically coaxing you…NO…

Not in my mouth you can’t cum

There’s an inferno inside my walls

You first must calm

Extinguish the fire you ignited in me

I want be satisfied until we ride you see

So again we change position in eager fashion

I MUST have you inside my passion

On top of me you climb into position

I am now yours vexed into submission

Your ever pleasing stroke I meet with

A seductive grind it is

My intention to blow your mind

You continue deep inside

My land of love of plenty

Exhausted…we harvest each climax

Until We both are empty.


© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison

Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on October 7, 2011.

One Response to “Empty”

  1. Its so erogenous.
    I liked they way you strung your words.

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