Mother Universe ( revised 2012 )

Listen…do you hear?

The universe she is SHOUTING loudly in the night

She’s calling out to US looking for her children

Look… there don’t you see?

The Universe is crying, the tears are for her children

She’s in such anguish as she aches for our humanity

The Universe is appalled at the cruelties that give us pleasure

As we watch silently one another suffer in war and poverty

The Universe, she’s aching…no sweet tranquility

Can’t YOU hear? …her SHOUTS are now a SCREAM

One ear burning, blood curdling SCREAM without breathing

She is choking on the stench of our calamity

Look…can’t you see our Mothers eyes?

Her eyes veiled in the darkest night sky

Stars that once beheld her brilliant twinkle

Now are blurred with crimson tears of pain

Trickling in despair throughout her soul

An ugly ache plagues her belly of birth

Mother Universe suffers the unspeakable pain

As her weeps whisper loudly in her heart

Yet remain silent to her children’s violence

Her voice is silenced by our careless nature

Her eyes are blinded by our worlds despair

She’s strangling in her heart infinitely in time

Still Mother Universe cries out loudly to her children

SCREAMING a breathless scream

She’s ignored

Mother Universe keeps



….I AM still your Mother…

Listen…don’t you hear?

Mother Universe is…



CRYING to her children

Eternally I LOVE YOU…


 Cheryl D. Faison

Copyright 2012


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on September 10, 2011.

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