My Lover

I’ve taken on a lover

He doesn’t know yet

Still he makes me

Soaking wet inside

My thoughts

Secretly in my mind

I’ve chosen to be

His loyal concubine

I’ve submitted

Myself wholly to

His sensational passion

I nourish on his

Every word without ration

My lover does not know me

Still he feels my thrive

I’ve become what is

Keeping him alive as

He pushes in the world

He makes it a better place

With his loving grace

He is a great lover

Still a better man

Honest and just

He always takes a stand

I’ve taken on a lover

Yet he is unaware

I stand before him

Naked my soul always bare

Sometimes he sees inside me

Other times he sees right through

It doesn’t seem to matter

There is no wrong he can do

I’ve taken on a lover

He does not even know

Wherever he leads me

I will surely go

I’ve taken on a lover

From him I keep this secret

Perhaps someday I’ll have

The courage to reveal it

I’ll let my lover know

His love I’ve taken on

Perhaps he’ll reciprocate

Our love will become one


© 2011

Cheryl D Faison

Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on September 6, 2011.

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