My Storm

The cosmic thunder of Gods love

Pours into my soul like a torrential rain

Washing away all that is impure and uncertain

He claps a loud roar of thunder to assure me

He is my Master and Commander

Seeing the flashing glimmers of lightening

I feel no fear knowing it’s the light of

The love of my God Almighty

He electrifies my heart He showcases

His greatness for me to praise

Even as clouds grow grimly dark

The darkness for me is Gods smile

Beaming broadly with grace and mercy

Only His smile overshadows

His brilliant light of love

Gray skies float away to reveal

Bright rainbows of life’s delight

God is continuously sanctifying in me

A soul of peace, love, and understanding

Progressively my sanctification pleases Him

Yet my God will not be satisfied

Lovingly He admonishes my spirit to

Endure this marathons spiritual journey into

The eternal eye of life’s unpredictable storm

Courageously I serve Him in oceans of uncertainty

Because only He anchors my souls storm perfectly.


© 2011

Cheryl D. Faison

Le Sublime Poétesse


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on August 26, 2011.

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