We Choose

One world a masterful creation

Perpetuated by love The Creators motivation

Yet hatred and greed is our current situation

In every country across the land is

A starving child or a dying man

A quest for superior knowledge spurns

Our desperation to keep each other in isolation

We rally around judgment without hesitation

Turning blindly from injustice with frustration

About our damnation created due to lack of

Communication with the places and faces of

All the other races that we don’t care to see

We choose not to love

We often say or more often do things that are not

Justifiable or even true in senseless haste

We often act displaying poor taste

Without the decency to say we’re sorry

About the things that are or the things that be

Even about slavery or religious persecution

There is no evolution to search for a solution

For those we harshly judge to be morally ill

We want them to go away because

Maybe they’re not straight or maybe they’re gay

We dislike someone if we feel they are too short

Or perhaps not very smart

We don’t look to see that

Each human being is created very lovingly

Being who you are is what you’re meant to be

No one should judge someone they don’t love

Because once it’s all said and all done

The Creator molded us all from just one

He only used some clay a little bit of dust

Yet The Creator breathed into each of us

All the unconditional love He could ever give

His only desire being for us to love and live

In peaceful harmony which is our

Achievable destiny if we choose to live free

Letting our unconditional love naturally be.

Cheryl D Faison

© 2011


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on August 9, 2011.

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