I just had major surgery

I know you can’t tell

My scars you can’t see

On my body they

Can’t be found

My heart was removed

Trampled into the ground

Sometimes it doesn’t

Matter if you see the

Bruise or feel the cut

The damage is inoperable

Malignant to your gut

The surgeon he doesn’t care

Even if you ask him

He won’t recollect

He’s a heart breaker

Soon he forgets you

Like a bad debt

Sadly there is

No insurance

No need to sue for

Malpractice cause all

You get is

I’m sorry baby

Frankly that won’t do

So go home and get

Your needles twine your

Feelings into thread

Sow up your wounds

Get over your regrets

It’s a botched operation

A surgery gone wrong

Just count your blessings

And pray he’s long gone.


Cheryl D Faison

© 2011


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on June 27, 2011.

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