Mahogany Man


The mahogany man

With ebony skin

His eyes are like

Lightening reflecting

The deepest soul within

Of a very gentle man

With no terms or agenda

Only looking for love

Hoping he can get with you

Exchanging alluring glances

A slight hint or two

Expressing a desire

to get to know you

The beautiful brown woman

With caramel sweet thighs

Whose sparkling eyes dazzle like

Priceless diamonds in the sky

The mahogany man with

The bright ivory grin

His lips are just right

None too plumb not too thin

Perhaps you will give him

Your digits to dial

He feels you’re a good woman

One he can truly admire

For more than your ample backside

Or your voluptuous breast

He’s sizing you up alright

Like a lost treasure chest

Of golden nuggets of intelligence

Of shapely legs that can

Do more than a split

Your beauty your brains

He’s measuring you up sister

For all the good things

That a man of his stature

With deep integrity finds

More pleasurable or pleasing

Than just your sexuality

He sees your true worth

He values your every attribute

But you will never know

If he can’t get with you so

Please caramel sister

Don’t be to quick to judge

Because that mahogany brown

Man might be your true love.

Cheryl D Faison

© 2011


~ by Le Sublime Poétesse on June 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mahogany Man”


  2. Perfectly beautiful!

  3. Love it

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