Welcome, Hello, Come in, Thank You!

Certainly you can see my home is a work in progress very much like myself. I’m working to create my own little corner of The Globe in the Cyber World. I never would have imagined that I would use such a forum to communicate, or connect with so many amazing people. Considering all of the wander of the universe often it can and does feel like  A BIG BAD world to me and I often feel reduced to a small girl of humble beginnings. I have many aspirations and milestones to accomplish. I look forward to sharing my journey, thoughts and musings with You. I’m glad you came by perhaps you will subscribe. I just hope you enjoy mystery because this site will unveil itself. I’m merely the engineer pulling physical bells and whistles. What it is or will become will manifest over time. I do appreciate your feedback, comments, and  thoughts. I don’t expect them to be rave reviews of anything I may share. However I do ask that you keep your words kind even when critical. I don’t mind your honesty at all. My blog is like me inviting you to my home for a gathering. I do have to ask that you consider our other guests and how they may respond or feel. I so appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance. Finally I must say unless specifically noted all writings, poetry, short stories, essays and opinions are my personal expressions My intellectual property is protected by USA Copyright Law. Please feel free and just ask me to share or reprint any of my work.  In the meantime make yourself at home.

Cheryl D Faison

aka Sublime Poetess

aka Diva Nymph

aka Empress Emcee


8 Responses to “About”

  1. It´s a honor for me to follow you on here and read all the good things you said , you are wonderful ..much love to you

  2. Getting caught up with some reading here!
    and will be adding your blog as a favorite on my blog!
    Thanks for your support!!!
    ~ Katrina 🙂

  3. It is my pleasure. . .So you are sublime poetess hehehe. . .I just knew it upon reading your blog

  4. You are very well spoken and kind. It’s an honor to have met you if only through the internet. I wish you the best in all you do and humbly ask for your friendship…rolly

  5. This looks interesting…hmm

  6. I LIKE IT

  7. The experience of being alive negates the search for the meaning of life that so many seem to believe they don’t know.

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